Our Mission

To usher in a new era of decision making through artificial intelligence.

Our Story

Altum aims to democratize AI technology. We provide a platform to integrate tailored AI solutions for our customers for an affordable price. The secret to our affordable services is our transfer learning technology, a cutting-edge method where we can bootstrap AI solutions from existing AIs on our platform instead of developing them from scratch. We know the difficulties of competing without automation in your business and we are committed to help our partners reach their target markets and make a difference.

We have obtained pre-seed funding, noteworthy clientele, and a talented team full of UCSD alumni and students. We are also part of the UCSD Basement incubator program.

Our Values

Be Bold

We are ambitious and non-complacent. We have a hunger to achieve against great odds. We believe that making big bold bets is better than inaction.

Be Lean

We use the least to achieve the most. We avoid waste of time and resources by directing energy to high impact endeavours.

Be Unorthodox

Everyone in the company makes a difference by introducing new perspectives and fighting conformity. We accept and embrace negative feedback while constantly challenging ideas.

Be Scholarly

Seeking the truth is of utmost importance. Everyone at Altum is both a student and a teacher. We strive everyday to ensure that our knowledge never stagnates.

The Team



Co-Founder & CEO



Co-Founder & CTO



Applied Scientist



Software Engineer