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Altum is a new breed of agency that applies cutting edge artificial intelligence to solve your business needs.

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Artificial intelligence is here.

Those who embrace it will build tomorrow's giants; those who don't will become obsolete.

Why Us?

We make integration of machine learning technology to any product or service easy for teams and businesses.
Our expertise includes solving computer vision, natural language processing and signal processing.

Customer Oriented

We partner with forward-thinking start-ups and small businesses and work closely to address your needs.

Cutting Edge

We believe that you cannot solve new problems with old solutions, which is why we specialize in transfer learning technology. Our AI solutions are high performance but low footprint. You don't need to collect big data in order to make a big impact.

End-To-End Delivery

At Altum, we don’t believe in off-hand solutions. We don’t consider our job complete until our solution integrates seamlessly into your product.

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Let us help you integrate AI into your business.

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