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Artificial Intelligence is Here

Those who embrace AI will build tomorrow's giants; those who don't will be obsolete. AI unlocks the dormant insights in your data to enhance your business in today’s automation-driven world. However, building these AI models are expensive, time consuming, and requires a lot of data.

We make machine learning simple.

How it Works

We make integration of AI technology to any product or service easy for teams and businesses whether you need AI that understand images, text or sensor signals.

1 Define the Task

Through our user-friendly dashboard, you define the specifications of your AI. Once you’ve outlined the objective, you can leave the details to us.

2 Drag and Drop Your Data

Our dashboard provides an easy interface to upload and describe your type of data. Once your data is up in our cloud, your AI will learn from it. You can also stream new data to our platform as your business grows, so your AI can grow with it.

3 Integrate your AI

When your AI is trained, it can be used through our simple cloud API and be integrated seamlessly into your product using the programming language of your choice. We build our APIs upon industry standards ensuring that your AI is fast and reliable.

Why Us?

Our platform is a state of the art automated system that builds tailored AI for all your needs.

100x Less Data

Our transfer learning technology enables you to provide less labeled data than you normally would and still obtain high performing AI models.

Fast and Simple

Your team does not need any AI expertise to use our platform. Simply upload your data and shortly your AI model will be ready to go.

Zero Risk

We are the only AI company that trains AI for free. We only charge once you use your AI via a pay-per-use model so you are only billed for the number of predictions your AI makes.

Join the Beta

Let us help you integrate AI into your business. To ensure everyone has an excellent experience we will be gradually sending out invites to our beta platform. Leave an email to stay updated and we’ll send you an invite as soon as we’re ready for you!

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